„365“ Tubing

„365“ Tube Slope Investment

·                    Are you looking for a business opportunity with a very fast Return on Investment?

·          Something that adds value to your business and is very attractive to market?

·          A complete package based on actual business experience?

·          A product that has year on year growth in existing, multiple sites?

·          A service that can generate between € 50,000* and € 80,000* in revenue, based on  

              practical multisite experience.

„365“ Has The Answers To Your Questions

Snow Tubing On 365 mats

A great family thrill ride that will retain your customers on site and has the potential to provide

a full return on investment in as little as 12 months*.

Fun, fresh air and exercise. Appealing to school parties, youth groups, corporate outings and

many more.

Fantastic rides for children’s birthday parties, mums, dads and it appeals to teenagers too!


No skill involved as your excited customers of any age sit in the Snow-tube before being

launched down the hill, twisting, banking and turning at speed as they travel down one of our

individually designed rides.


Low Capital Costs, Low Operating Costs and Very Good Revenue = Profit


„365“ from the vision to the reality, our technican works on the:

„365“ T100 (100meter) Inflatable Tubing line specs:

25,0 meter straight

12,5  meter 30 degress turn left

25,0 meter straight

12.5 meter 30 degrees  turn right

25,0 meter straight

Start- and Finish arc

 Customer design is feasible, different lenght of the Tubingline are possible, do not hesitate to contact us.

„365“ Module element Summertubing

Quick assembly and disassembly times incl. of 365 plastic mats.

The track will be built in a modular systems, straight and curve Elements!

Ideal for summer season Operation.

We present the new " 365 " module system of inflatable Summertubing routes . Advantage for the customer Time-saving assembly and dismantling times variable design of the route with straight lines, curves ( steep turns ) , start target sheet can be integrated , particularly the side panels can be used


optimally for advertising , so that you are more present for your customers and guests 


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