„365“ technical Discription

„365“ mats can be used from a slope of 8-11%, the composition of the mats allow there to perform, to learn the basics of skiing. 

Constant slope conditions a guarantee of success. 

„365“ MOCK UP Movie


„365“ 55       Size 23x27 cm color white  used for

breaking area 



„365“  88       Size 23x27 cm color white  used for Alpine/Nordic/Tubing/Event




NEW 1) 2015/16


„365“ 100      Size 25x75 cm color white (flexible curve mats)

used for Alpine/Nordic/Tubing/Event




„365“ Product 55/88 locking system


With the new locking system, you can move the surfaces free of joints, the expansion takes place in the system itself.



„365“  Tread


The tread of the „365“ mats consist of pins, the structure of the treadpins and solution compositions are matched by our technicians for the respective use and utilization. Each mat has more than 1900 pins, which provide for the appropriate slip behavior.


„365“ Color

Standard color is white, we can offer all other color on request of the client. 

„365“ Lock System Type 55/88

locking pins 

Shutter opening for pins 

„365“ Correct laying

Correct laying of the „365“mats 

Incorrect laying of the „365“mats 

„365“ Underlay Fleece Bedrain VGV 1 

„365“ Manual mats format 27 x 23 cm

100% FUN  -  100% SAFETY  -  100% ACTION  -  100% PROOFED

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