„365“ Innovative solutions

Jointless laying

  „365“ The Product


„365“ provides a surface that is the ultimate ski surfaces. Ideal for straight travel, carving, travel speed and edge control. The secret lies in the design of the pins whose cross-section profiles design allows the ski to control to edge, while the minimum resistance to the Ski provides when or flat running slide. The „365“ design provides effective minimal contact with the ski thereby reducing friction between the base of the ski and the ski surface 

 Recent ecological advanced standards, are a prerequisite for the production of artificial plastic slipskimats.

Modern technology and knowledge especially for a 365 days Winter Fun Sport, as specified

 by the EU.

           „365“  Made in Germany


  „365“ Benefits


 Designed as a complete System

 „365“ was designed as a complete system for skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, Zibob-sled or for Tubing from scratch. The top ski surface design is known for its gliding properties known to give less friction and more speed. The surface design of „365“ is not only a unique artificial snow surface, but it also offers additional cushioning.


„365“ Installation

„365“can be installed by operators own staff

  • Expert tuition and guidance for your employees
  • A complete installation service is available if required
  • A typical 3,000 square metre slope will be fitted to a prepared surface in less than two weeks
  • Over 5,000 square metres of „365“ has been fitted in Austria

„365“ Maintenance

 All artificial ski slopes require a degree of maintenance, daily, monthly and annually.

„365“’s  unique fitting system allows quick and easy operator maintenance.

Training is only a few minutes.

No need to call back the manufacturer.

Reduced loss of operating revenue due to shorter maintenance closure times´s unique fitting system allows quick and easy operator maintenance. Training is only a few minutes. 

Repair with own staff = no expensive manufacturer call back.

No major shutdown of slope = no loss of revenue.

Product life is subject to both the amount of use and the quality of slope maintenance.

A good maintenance regime will extend the life of your „365“ -snow surface.


  „365“`s  Discover your possibilities


  - Ski resort guaranteed opening times

  - Equipment on mats base, snow irrespectively

  - Season extension

  - Perfect infrastructure for all of the audience

  - Everywhere easy installable

  - artificial urban Winter Snow Parks (Summer and Winter)

  - all inclusive services (everything from a single source)

   - perfect Event Tool “urban promotion”


 „365“ Where to be used


Alpin                                    Nordic                                Tubing                             Event        

Ski & Snowboard                 Nordic combined                 Tobogganing                    Go-Cart                Entire  Slopes                      Cross-country skiing            Zibob (Zipflbob)               Incentives         Lift track                               Biathlon                               Tubing                              Competition       Lift entrance                         Skating & classic        

Lift corridor


„365“ Product  & Guarantee


„365“ produce out of  NEW HDPE 

„365“ do not use recycled granules, „365“ used only NEW plastic granules for the production

„365“ artificial snow mats are "Made in Germany" and patented.

„365“ 5 years against faulty materials + processing 

„365“ Induced failure 5 years ago by natural UV radiation

Colored „365“ mats may fade after a few years, important to know for the production which temperatures prevail in the operational area.