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The summery

Through the years of experience of RS plastic, Yiippi offers new innovative products in artificial snow slip mat. „365“snow slip mat, an ideal foundation and solution for all ski lift operators for the entry and exit points, ski lift track as for all beginners area (skiing, snowboarding, cross- country skiers) who would like to practice on a constant background with no changing circumstances and surprises. We provide solutions with simple functionality and handling in all  areas where the Snow making is difficult to access. With the NEW„365“ snow slip click system can be large Surfaces embarrassed easily and quickly. 

„365“ plans and build artificial snow slip mat Fun Parks

The advantages

The advantages of „365“ artificial snow Fun Parks & snow slip mats

  • Equipment using high technology artificial snow slip mats "Made in Germany"
  • Snow Regardless, guaranteed opening times
  • Joint-free installation, elongation process within the laid „365“, snow slip mats,
  • Easy installation technique, choice of color „365“ snow slip mats on request
  • NEW patented „365“ snow slip flexible mat, for tubing track and cross-country track
  • Seasonal offer extension, Events, Summer Opening ceremony at the city and mountain
  • Perfect infrastructure for all audiences, anywhere easily installable  
  • Short construction and Payback periods
  • Yiippi artificial snow sports Fun Parks can be implemented everywhere,
  • Everything from one source with „365“ from planning to opening


The service

# complete planing of „365“ Yiippi Dry Slope parks including slopes and conveying technology  

#  Building of the  „365“ Park and infrastructure

-#  Equipped with high tech. modern  „365“ slip mats

#  Magic carpet, lifts, Yiippi / Zipflbob & Tubing tracks, AIR JUMP; Go-Cart drift track etc.

#  Industrial and sanitary  buildings, (Rental shop, office, etc.)  

#  Financing services, leasing, if requested

#  Fun equipment, Snowblades, Yiippi / Zipflbob Tubes, Monster scooter etc.

#  Rental equipment Ski, Snowboards, Crosscountry Ski-, helmets, shoes, protectors, etc.

#  Complete „365“ Park Security Equipment, fences, impact mat, etc.  

#  Skiline Movie Entertain system

#  Modern entry access system,

#  „365“ construction and enrollment

#  enroll of the employee