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Newsletter 07. Januar 2017



Ski Forecast: „365“ by Yiippi Artificial Snow To Arrive At Powder Ridge This Summer



Sean Hayes, owner and CEO of Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort in Middlefield, talks about adding artificial snow runs to Powder Ridge for year-round skiing.






The Idea

Christopher Columbus is one of the most famous adventureres  of our lifetime.

He conquered new nations and cultures, taught people new things and gave ideas but also learnt from them.

He was a man with both a  mission and the means.

With courage, vision, creativity, innovative approch and great deal of persistance he made his vision come true.

We from 365 also believe in these values, instead of conquering new worlds we concentrate on our customers and their needs.




„365“ has developed the concept of providing “Winter Fun for everyone” 365 Days a year!

The general idea of "365" is the art of snow-slip mats for Alpine / Nordic / Tobogganing / Events to provide the interest to a broad public. To present within towns and rural areas Promoting itwith "365" artificial slip mats of interest and participation in snow sports, and other fun sports in winter and summer.

Free yourself from the caprices of nature!


„365“ offers innovatives potential for applications and marketing as well as a guaranteed foundation for your service to your guests and new Event concepts.


„365“ is the ecological supplement to artificial snow guns.